Chengdu, China

Sixth stop on the journey, Chengdu. The 28-hour train ride from Xining was certainly long, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Watched a few documentaries and read a ton to kill the time. Chengdu was a fine enough city, with the main attraction being the Panda Breeding Reserve. I spent … More Chengdu, China

Qinghai Lake

Fifth stop on the journey, Qinghai Lake. About a two-hour train ride from Zhangye, I arrived in a small city of Xining. Again, nothing special about the town, but at least it was much cooler than it had been in Xi’An. On my one full day in the area, I took a four-hour bus ride … More Qinghai Lake

Xi’An, China

Third stop on the journey, Xi’An, home of the Terracotta Army. I spent my first two days in Xi’an walking around the city, soaking up the sights and smells of the Muslim & Buddhist influence. Xi’an was the first city introduced to Islam, and that can be seen throughout the city. The Muslim Quarter had … More Xi’An, China

Beijing, China

Second stop on the journey, the capitol of China, Beijing. I took the high-speed train from Shanghai, which traveled 815 miles in just under 5 hours at a speed of 185 mile an hour. Was probably one of the smoothest train rides I’ve ever taken. Just like Shanghai, the weather was muggy and hot. Outside … More Beijing, China