Sapa, Vietnam

Thirty-first stop, Sapa. I actually made four other stops along the way, but they were only because I was bicycling and just stopped for a night’s rest. That said, I did thoroughly enjoy my two stops in Pho Rang, in which I gave some children an English lesson. The boy next to my homestay came … More Sapa, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

Thirtieth stop, Hanoi. Despite being somewhat of an unremarkable, traffic filled city, Hanoi still had a ton of charm that made the city very enjoyable. Perhaps it’s all the wonderful coffee shops. Until this point, Colombia has had the best coffee I’ve ever tasted in my life, but Vietnamese coffee, in my opinion, is the … More Hanoi, Vietnam


Twenty-ninth stop, Singapore. I originally wasn’t planning on visiting Singapore for another six months, but due to a miscalculation, I needed to be out of Thailand three days before I was able to enter Vietnam. Not wanting to spend the cash on entry visas for Cambodia or Laos just to stay for a few days, … More Singapore

Krabi, Thailand

Twenty-eighth stop, Krabi. I ended up getting stuck in Krabi for longer than I had expected due to the king’s funeral and massive flooding in a few other areas I thought about exploring. Was a bit bummed about this at first, but ended up really enjoying Krabi and the surrounding area. I spent my time … More Krabi, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Twenty-second stop, Bangkok. After roughly thirty-five hours of traveling, I finally made it to my hostel in Bangkok, ready to grab a quick bite to eat and call it an early night. As I was checking in, the owner told me a bunch of people were going to a massive night parade for a Hindu … More Bangkok, Thailand