Colombo, Sri Lanka

Twelfth stop on the journey, Colombo. Honestly, not too much to say about Colombo. It’s a big, busy, dirty city that I knew I wouldn’t care for beforehand. I only stayed two nights and that was too much. I stayed about 30 minutes south of the city at a beach hostel, hoping it would be … More Colombo, Sri Lanka

Taipei, Taiwan

Eleventh stop on the journey, Taipei. Had an eight-hour flight delay leaving Hong Kong, so I basically lost a whole day that I wish I could’ve used on a day trip to the eastern part of the island. But this wasn’t the first travel delay I’ve had on my trip and it certainly won’t be … More Taipei, Taiwan

Hong Kong, China

Tenth stop on the journey, Hong Kong. Due to a typhoon, I only had one full day in the city before I needed to fly to Taiwan. Bit of bummer since I immediately fell in love with Hong Kong, but such is life! I arrived at my hostel around 9pm and quickly made friends with … More Hong Kong, China

Chengdu, China

Sixth stop on the journey, Chengdu. The 28-hour train ride from Xining was certainly long, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Watched a few documentaries and read a ton to kill the time. Chengdu was a fine enough city, with the main attraction being the Panda Breeding Reserve. I spent … More Chengdu, China